Exclusive Report about the Mobile CI/CD Market

Download the exclusive report on the current state of the mobile CI/CD market with analyses on adoption and tooling as of 2020 as well as insights about the mobile CI/CD challenges and solutions.

The Subjects Covered in the Report

A thorough analysis of the mobile CI/CD market

Introduction to Mobile CI/CD

What is mobile CI/CD? How is it different than other CI/CD stacks?

Mobile CI/CD Adoption

What is the state of mobile development? How is mobile CI/CD managed in organizations? Who is in charge of these operations?

Mobile CI/CD Tools & Practices

What are the main tools used for mobile CI/CD? How are these tools set up?

The Challenges and the Solutions in Mobile CI/CD

What are some of the common mobile CI/CD challenges? What are the possible solutions to these challenges?

Unique Characteristics of Mobile CI/CD

How and why is mobile CI/CD different than the CI/CD of other development stacks?

Mobile CI/CD Tools Market Guide and Comparison

Which mobile-specialized CI/CD tools are there? How do they compare?

Everything About Mobile CI/CD

In this exhaustive report, you will find valuable statistics, comments and insights about mobile CI/CD

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About Jason Carter

I am a distinguished startup advisor and mentor with a special interest in high technology startups. I am also an early-stage investor.

Nowadays, my primary area of interest is the everchanging field of mobile technologies and I seek startups, ideas, and initiatives that make mobile app development and mobile CI/CD more accessible.

My endeavors in the mobile world led me to create the "State of Mobile CI/CD" report where there is a need for a market guide.

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